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NY Car Dealer Marketing Agency | Automotive Direct Mail

We are an Automotive Full Service Advertising Agency that can deliver a wide variety of marketing services to build your customer base and create raving fans. Generate more customer with our Automotive Direct Mail program that finds those that want to purchase from you and market only to them. We will then analyze the results and show you exactly what your return on investment was so you can keep to your budget. Let us introduce you to how our Car Dealer direct mail services can find you buyers for your dealership.

Stay in touch with current customers and initiate repeat buyers with our Automotive Email Marketing program. We can do everything from creating a regular newsletter that will keep you top of mind to special invitations to events and sales happening at your location. With your help, we can design exactly what you want it to look like, choosing from many different color schemes and looks we have available. Our Automotive email marketing works to also target buyers and we will even report back to you how well each one performed.

If you’re looking for something more offline, we also can provide promotional printing services for your business. Our NY Car Dealer Marketing Agency can create anything you need, from business cards to promotional flyers. We can also build table tents, magnets, and stickers if you are traveling to an expo or have a table at a local event. Whether you need to find potential customers to market to or want door hangers for a nearby neighborhood, we can help you get to those buyers you’ve been looking for.

Determining Your Core Market

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NY Automotive Marketing Agency

Where does an effective marketing plan begin?

When creating a marketing plan, a business must first determine its primary or core geography. After studying dealer sales data for many years, we find that most car dealers sell 85% of their vehicles to customers within a 15-mile radius. Some exceptions exist in very rural markets, but even in these cases, it rarely surpasses 20 miles.

Once the core geography is determined, an efficient Automotive Marketing Services Analysis plan begins. We now know that 85% of a dealer’s budget should target possible buyers within 15 miles.

In most cases, for example, cable, radio and newspaper buys target a much greater area than Dealer is likely to attract. NY Automotive Marketing Agency mediums base the value and the cost for advertising ad space on total impressions, (how many different people are likely to see or hear the advertisement). In most situations, the dealers would be spending more than 50% of their budget on geographic markets that the customers would not consider traveling the distance necessary to make the purchase.

Cable, radio and major newspapers are efficient means to advertise products and services that can be purchased or accessed across that medium’s full market area. However, car dealers do not meet those criteria.

Car dealerships will generally receive a much higher ROI based on direct marketing. Direct marketing, whether Car Dealer direct mail or digital campaigns, can selectively put 100% of a dealer’s budget into markets with consumers who are within the 15 mile radius that are likely to make 85% of their sales.

Additional use of specific data can help reach consumers near lease or loan end, having credit issues, or who are in their regular known trade cycles which can raise the efficiency of direct Automotive Print Marketing that is not attainable by any other means.

The bottom line is that it’s worth the time to analyze the core geography that will provide the highest return on investment. If you would like to know more about our services, be sure to contact Automotive Direct Mail Agency today! Serving the entire Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York area.

Marketing Design Gallery

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NY Car Dealer Marketing Agency | Automotive Direct Mail Advertising

Automotive Marketing Design Gallery

The age-old question asks “If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?” The fact is, it really doesn’t matter if it makes a thunderous crash, if no one ever hears it. At NY Car Dealer Marketing Agency, we specialize in making sure that that your Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns not only project the right message, but that the message reaches the ears of those consumers ready and willing to buy a vehicle from you! Our targeted and precise Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns have proven success, and allow you to measurably ascertain the campaign ROI, so that you can be assured that your marketing dollars are being utilized in the best possible way.

We are not just any generic Automotive Marketing Agency firm – we are an Automotive Advertising Agency, relentlessly pursuing real-time purchasers that match your inventory. If you meet with one of our professional consultants, you will receive insight into your market and examples of campaigns with demonstrable results; only after you feel comfortable with our skills and capabilities will you be asked to work with us. Our creative team constructs comprehensive campaigns through a wide selection of formats. Each format is crafted to do what you expect it to – generate more sales for your business! But don’t take our word for it, visit our Automotive Marketing Design Gallery to peruse past innovative materials from across the country. Like the past successes represented in the Automotive Marketing Design Gallery, your campaign will be personalized to your needs, your market and your business, while pulling from a time-tested and industry-wide knowledge base. Combining proven strategies with your personalized message results in the most dynamic Automotive Direct Mail Campaign your company has ever produced!

Automotive Marketing Design Gallery will jump-start your creative thought process. If you are a trend-setter, browse our “New and Exciting” categories. Ready to dive right in with time tested designs? Check out our “Most Popular” gallery. If your business needs to speak to the consumer market about buy-back or off lease programs, special financing, seasonal specials, or if you need to utilize a design created to quickly build traffic – we’ve got you covered. But remember, our designers are always at the ready to formulate an exclusive campaign that addresses your unique situation like our Automotive Direct Mail Advertising. Our goal is simple – to assist you in reaching the exact consumer that will provide increased revenue for your business! Call Automotive Advertising Agency today for a consultation, free quote and glimpse into your future success. Specializing in the New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey area!

Automotive Advertising Agency

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New Jersey Automotive Advertising Agency | Car Dealer Direct Mail

Car Dealer Advertising Agency

Premium Productions is an Automotive Full Service Advertising Agency for car dealerships across the nation. We are a full service advertising agency for the automotive industry. Premium Productions provides design, print, and complete campaigns to help you reach more customers in a professional manner. As an Automotive Advertising Agency, we have the experience and expertise to get a clear message to your potential clients.

Between social media, print, blogs, and a number of automotive advertising techniques, Premium Productions will set forth a campaign to bring more customers into your showroom that are searching for the best car dealer. New York Automotive Advertising Agency is our advertising agency’s expertise like Car Dealer Direct Mail. We compile a complete design of advertisements, promotional print, and advertising techniques to bring your Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns to life.

Our New Jersey Automotive Advertising Agency has the ability to reach a large number of clients based on credit, lease, and customers that should upgrade their vehicle. Premium Production’s NJ Car Dealer advertising agency provides your database for each mailer or email drop. These will reach your desired clients and bring your more traffic to your website or car dealership. Automotive Full Service Advertising Agency works in a number of ways and Premium Production has the results.

We base our campaign on each individual car dealer. Our Car Dealer Advertising Agency provides the research and most effective campaigns available such as Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns. Let Premium Productions be your Automotive Advertising Agency. Our professional staff has the insight and experience in the automotive industry. Contact PA Automotive Marketing Agency today to receive a free assessment for your car dealership.

Automotive Direct Mail Agency

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Automotive Direct Mail Leads | Car Dealer Advertising Agency

Automotive Direct Mail

When customers are searching for a car dealer, Automotive Direct Mail is strong way to capture their attention. Premium Productions’ automotive Direct Mail Campaigns and Advertising will help you captivate your audience. Automotive Direct Mail Leads are created with your ideas and Premium Productions turns it into reality. Let our Automotive Direct Mail Agency bring your customers into your car dealership.

Automotive Direct Mail recipients will be chosen by you. Premium Productions has a mailing list for every state. You choose your audience by lease turn in, bad credit, or reach everyone. Automotive Direct Mail Advertising is fast and effective. When car dealers use automotive direct mail leads, campaigns help your dealership and new or current customers stay connected. That piece of well-designed art gives clients the ability to reach their car dealer. Automotive Direct Mail Advertising is traditional and our Automotive Direct Mail Agency has the creativity that your dealership needs.

Premium Production is a Car Dealer Advertising Agency and Automotive Direct Mail Agency that has all the resources for your campaign. We are always updated with current techniques. Our Car Dealer advertising agency has years of experience in automotive and marketing. Every Automotive Direct Mail campaign is based on effective terminology and psychology of consumers. Premium Productions provides the best for every car dealer. Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns are one of the most efficient ways to reach customers that don’t have the capabilities of electronic email.

Automotive Cross Sell Reports

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Automotive Advertising Agency | Car Dealer Direct Mail

NY Automotive Cross Sell Reports

Premium Productions is an Automotive Advertising Agency that provides car dealers with direct mail campaigns and cross sell reports. Our NY Automotive Cross Sell Reports are based on recent data. Information is normally received from state offices that govern vehicle titles. As your New Jersey Automotive Advertising Agency, we provide you with the ability to customize Automotive Cross Sell Reports by make, buyer, location, and model year. Every Automotive Direct Mail campaigns will be designed specifically for each cross sell report.

To captivate your local audience to your car dealer, Automotive Direct Mail Advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach a number of clients that have not thought of trading in their older vehicles, soon to be lease ends, or just because of bad credit. You can help many drivers get on the road with better and newer automotive. Cross Sell Reports from our Pennsylvania Automotive Advertising Agency can be created by city, zip code, county, and even individual makes or models.

Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns are created by our New York Automotive Advertising Agency’s design experts. You provide the criteria and Premium Productions will provide the Automotive Cross Sell Reports. We place your ideas into reality. You will bring in more customers with Automotive Direct Mail and Premium Productions is your NY Automotive Advertising Agency that has the results. For NY Automotive Cross Sell Reports or Automotive Direct Mail Campaign quotes, contact Premium Productions for further information.

Automotive Print Marketing Services

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Automotive Print Marketing | Promotional Printing Services

NY Car Dealer Marketing Agency

When you are a NY Car Dealer, marketing is the most important way to capture an audience and Premium Productions Automotive Advertising Agency has the resources for your car dealership to reach more clients. Through our Automotive Print Marketing, you can connect and build strong relationships with your current and potential customers. NY Automotive Marketing Agency will bring your ideas to life with our Promotional Printing Services.

If you dream it, NY Car Dealer Marketing Agency can create it. Automotive print marketing revolves around making a professional image for your dealership, marketing verbiage, and Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns to create attention for automotive dealers. PA Car Dealer Advertising Agency collaborates with you to design and put your ideas into print. Our Promotional Printing Services provides a traditional and creative way to get your campaigns to current and potential customers.

Each promotional print from Premium Productions designed for Automotive Car Dealer Print Marketing is more than just appeal. Automotive Print Marketing is an opportunity to create lasting relationships with your clients. Our Promotional Print Services includes newspaper inserts, postcards, scratch off tickets, and more. From design to print, NY Car Dealer Marketing Agency helps you bring more business with Automotive Print Marketing.

When you are advertising as a car dealer, marketing with stunning and original print helps you reach clients and customers that might have never been to your website. Automotive Print Marketing ensures that your customer has a physical form to contact even when you are not present. Using our creativity and Automotive Marketing Services, you are more than advertising for your NJ Car Dealer. Marketing with Premium Production’s promotional print services helps you establish a professional image among the automotive market.

Integrate Mail

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Car Dealer Direct Mail | Automotive Email Marketing

Integrate Mail with Other Media (for increased response and database building)

Let’s face it: Your targets are becoming harder to reach. They’re busy e-mailing, texting, connecting on social networking sites, watching hundreds of television channels, viewing online videos and listening to satellite radio, among other things.

The good news for Car Dealer Marketing is that all those other mediums can work with mail in new and interesting ways that get results. By taking advantage of diversified channels, you can add impact, build engagement and strengthen your database.

For instance, companies that were entirely web based have found Automotive Direct Mail can largely increase website volume and that it also increases the amount people spend when they get there.

Likewise, you can send just a postcard to promote an upcoming store event. But you’ll generate an even bigger bang by sending an e-mail soon after and promoting the event on social networking sites. The day of the event, bolster your database by gathering information from every attendee, then follow up with a tailored car dealer direct mail piece to your newly expanded list.

3 ways automotive direct mail integration can help gather customer data. Combining automotive email marketing channels can help you capture customer data in other ways, too.

Here’s a few ideas:

1. Mailers can drive targets to a personalized URL (PURL) where they can see customized information and fill out a profile.

2. Combine automotive direct mail with a custom landing page to sign up for e-mail updates on products and services.

3. Social networking followers can be invited to join your mailing list to receive a free product sample or discount.

As your database gets stronger, you’ll get a clearer picture of how your targets wish to communicate with you and which mediums best complement your car dealer direct mail efforts.

By keeping the tone, look and feel of your message consistent across multiple touch points, you’ll reap another reward of integration: increased brand awareness.

For more information on Car Dealer Direct Mail & Automotive Email Marketing visit our website and find other Automotive Marketing Services such as Promotional Printing Services, Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns, and Automotive Marketing Design Gallery. Serving the Bedford, New York surrounding area!

Clean my Data?

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Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns | Car Dealer Marketing

NY Automotive Advertise Agency

Clean my Data? What are you talking about?

At NY Automotive Advertising Agency data cleansing or data cleaning is the process of detecting and correcting or removing inaccurate records from a data file or a database.

After cleansing, a data file will be consistent with other similar data sets in the system. The inconsistencies detected or removed may have been originally caused by user entry errors, by corruption in transmission or storage, or by different data dictionary definitions of similar entities from different sources.

The actual process of data cleansing may involve removing typographical errors or validating and correcting values against a known list of entities in Automotive Direct Mail Advertising. Many times it is matched to correct data validated by the United States Postal service. This process includes cass certification. It can also append change of Adresses (NCOA Sevice) The validation may be strict such as rejecting any address that does not have a valid postal code or fuzzy (such as correcting records that partially match existing, known records).

Some Data Cleansing Service solutions will clean data by cross checking with a validated data set. Also data enhancement, where data is made more complete by adding related information, is a common data cleansing practice. For example, appending addresses with phone numbers related to that address.

Serving the Bedford, New York surrounding area!

Tips for Keeping Customers Loyal

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Automotive Advertise Agency | NY Automotive Marketing Service

How to Keep Customers Devoted

The cost associated with selling to an established customer is usually much lower than that of selling to a first-time customer. So, while Car Dealer Direct Mail is a powerful tool for acquiring customers, it’s important not to overlook Automotive Direct Mail’s ability to build customer loyalty.

Automotive Direct Mail Advertising strategies for building customer loyalty

“Loyalty,” the umbrella term used for retaining and growing customers, is a burgeoning Automotive Marketing Service field with its own best practices. But the basics of attaining loyalty are largely intuitive, which means you can implement many strategies on your own. These include:

Target your most-profitable customers.
With tracking, you’ll soon learn which are your most profitable and Automotive Sales Leads customers. Focusing on keeping and growing best customers is more affordable, and is likely to earn a greater return, than blanketing all (including unprofitable) customers.

Surprise and delight.
Unexpected touches can work wonders. A simple thank-you note like Automotive Direct Mail Advertising, for instance, is powerful. You increase that power by ensuring that it doesn’t look mass produced, even if it really is.
Use your own personal note card or letterhead as Promotional Automotive Print Marketing, with what is (or at least appears to be) a hand signature in blue ink. This creates the impression of a personal communication. On occasion, send a gift card or coupon for free merchandise, or offer a better-than-advertised deal.

Give special privileges.
According special privileges is a proven way to enhance feelings of loyalty, often with greater effect than giving away freebies in Car Dealer Direct Mail Campaigns. That’s because, whether they admit it or not, most people love having a privilege when they know that others don’t have it.
You might provide your best customers a straight-to-the-CEO e-mail address, spare them a wait in line, reserve them a special parking space, open the store early one day to accommodate their schedule, offer a free delivery … your imagination is the limit.

Offer reward cards.
Reward cards track purchases until the customer has earned a freebie. The classic use: buy 10 cups of joe or sandwiches, and the next one is free. If you use reward cards, however, track carefully. Sometimes instead of increasing frequency and loyalty, they simply lead to giving away what you might have sold anyway, and at full price.
A good loyalty program pays for itself. Be sure to maintain a control group that resembles your loyalty group, but that doesn’t participate in the program. If the loyalty group produces more revenue than the control, chances are your program is working.

Serving the Bedford, New York surrounding area!

Successful Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns

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NY Automotive Advertise Agency | Direct Mail Campaigns

Automotive Direct Mail Advertising

One of the best reasons to send Automotive Direct Mail? It motivates recipients to take a specific action like visiting your store, buying your product or requesting more information. To spur this kind of behavior you need a powerful, relevant offer that has real value for your target audience. An incentive or reward that motivates customers and prospects to respond to your Automotive Direct Mail Advertising, either with a purchase or a request for more information. But no matter what type of offer you create, you’ll need to convey it in an engaging way.

Consider these tips to get recipients’ attention:

1. Stick to one offer. Avoid using multiple offers in the same piece. Your prospect likely is skimming your mailer, and the slightest bit of confusion could derail your message.

2. Use language that entices. Even though they’re used everywhere, words like “free,” “save,” “new,” “sale” and “guarantee” arouse curiosity.

3. Produce a sense of urgency. An offer is best when it has a deadline. Phrases like “for a limited time only,” “call now” and “supplies are limited” create excitement and encourage folks to respond.

4. Display it prominently. Don’t let graphics, copy or busy colors overshadow your key message in your Automotive Direct Mail Campaign.

5. Tell them how to respond. If you want recipients to bring the mailer in to the store, visit a personalized URL or return a Business Reply Mail™ card, be clear about telling them to do so.

You may choose to simultaneously test different offers to see which perform well. Or, test the same offer using different copy. Keep in mind, too, that a single offer may not appeal to everyone you wish to reach. You may need to choose different options for different segments of your target audience.

For more information on Automotive Direct Mail Advertising visit our website and find other Car Dealer Marketing Services such as Promotional Printing Services, Automotive Email Marketing, and Automotive Marketing Design Gallery. Serving the Bedford, New York surrounding area!

Premium123 Fastest Growing Business

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Automotive Full Service Advertising Agency | Fast Growing Buisness

New York Digital Advertising Agency

For the third time, Premium Productions Inc, an Automotive Advertising Agency in Bedford, New York, has been recognized as one of the fastest growing businesses in America by Inc. Magazine. We are honored to be included on this prestigious list of America’s fastest-growing private companies. Since Inc. was introduced in 1982, the nation’s most successful private companies have made the Inc. 500|5000. This prominent list was the beginning for many successful private companies that are now household names. Pandora, 7-Eleven and Toys ‘R Us are a few well-known companies that have once been honored by Inc. 500|5000.

Inc. 500|5000 Premium Production

Inc Magazine ranks companies according to the percentage growth of annual revenue over a three-year period. Businesses are also ranked by industry, metro area, revenue and number of employees. Each company is individually profiled on where Premium Productions Automotive Marketing Service is showcased. has been a trademark of entrepreneur success.

Being recorded on as America’s fastest-growing companies gives Automotive Advertising Agency national, local and industry recognition. In the past years, Inc.500|5000 has received over 25 million media impressions. This will help us to build a stronger network and strengthen our knowledge of business insights, resources and best practices. Our Car Dealer Adverting Agency profile will also bring in new clientele and partnership opportunities.

So we are proud to share this recognition with our Automotive Direct Mail Agency Team as well as our dedicated clients. Because you have bestowed this company and clients with dedication and teamwork, we present this recognition to you for all everything you have done. For our Clients, we are pleased to be able to assist you with all your ventures and will continue to provide the utmost in satisfaction for all the Automotive Full Service Advertising Agency we provide. Let’s celebrate this accomplishment and continue to succeed. We provide Automotive Marketing Design Gallery such as Car Dealer Direct Mail Leads, Promotional Printing Service, Automotive Email Marketing and more!

Direct Mail Barcode

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Intelligent Mail Barcode | Marketing Digital Advertise Agency

Automotive Direct Mail Agency

An intelligent solution to provide better visibility into the Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns stream.

By utilizing IMb, we as a Automotive Full Service Advertising Agency provide more accurate and detailed information about Automotive Direct Mail Advertising for every Automotive Campaign ROI. We are able to offer our clients real-time tracking of individual pieces of Automotive Direct Mail Leads, taking the guess work out of when each has reached the homes. The ability to predict the delivery day allows your team to plan follow up or phone calls with precision.

What is the Intelligent Mail Barcode? The IMb is much more complex than the PostNet barcode. At the minimum it is made up of the 11-digit address you are mailing to (routing zip code), a six- or nine-digit Mailer ID (MID), and a three-digit service Mail Barcode that identifies the type of mailing. Overall, the Intelligent Mail Barcode combines the data of the existing POSTNET™ and the PLANET Code® Mail Barcode, as well as other data, into a single barcode. Serving Bedford, New York area!


Mail Barcode

10 Pitfalls to Avoid

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NY Marketing Agency | New York Digital Advertise

Automotive Direct Mail

Direct mail is one of the most powerful ways to market your products and services, but it’s easy to sabotage your efforts.

Here are 10 pitfalls to avoid:

1. Not identifying your audience. Mail gives you the ability to target specific individuals and Automotive Sales Leads, so take advantage of that strength and decide which segments will most likely respond.

2. Leasing a bad mailing list. Sending mailers to people who don’t match your intended criteria is wasteful and could prove embarrassing, too. List brokers can help you find up-to-date lists that are tailored to your needs.

3. Relying on unclean data. Scrub your house list to ensure you’re not mailing pieces to inaccurate addresses, the deceased, people who have asked to be taken off your list and targets who have moved or changed jobs.

4. Not presenting a compelling offer. You’re sending a piece to motivate people to act, but your mail will do just the opposite if an offer is absent or lackluster. Tweak your offer — and the benefits of your product or service in Automotive Email Marketing or Automotive Direct Mail — Marketing to appeal to different segments.

5. Being impersonal. Personalizing your message can make targets feel like you value them individually and understand their needs and interests. Greeting them by name is one way; offering a personalized URL (PURL) is another.

6. Failing to indicate a call to action. Clearly spell out how people can take advantage of your offer (By phone? By e-mail?) and provide lots of choices of Digital Automotive Advertising Agency. Create a sense of urgency so they’ll act fast.

7. Using mediocre creative. Copy and design that aren’t engaging, relevant or easy to comprehend could turn off recipients before they even get to your offer. Professional copywriters and designers like a Automotive Print Marketing Agency can help you best communicate your message.

8. Not continuously testing. Your Automotive Campaign can always improve, but you’ll never know how if you don’t conduct small tests of variables like your list, offer, format and colors.

9. Omitting tracking mechanisms. You need to trace responses back to a piece to gauge how well it performed. Options include embedding codes on coupons and creating a special toll-free number.

10. Poor follow-up. Be prepared to quickly fulfill any orders or requests generated by your piece. If you disappoint a target who has raised his or her hand, why did you go through the effort at all?

Premium Productions at NADA 2013

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Automotive Advertising Agency

Car Dealer Full Service Advertising Agency nada 2013

Through this partnership NY Automotive Marketing Agency will offer additional Digital Car Dealer Advertising services to their customers including customized Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns landing pages, SEO optimization services, Automotive E-mail Marketing, enhanced web design and social media Car Dealer Marketing.

The additional services will allow for a smooth integration between traditional automotive direct mail marketing and digital Automotive Marketing Service.

Visit Premium Productions, Inc. and Drive Digital Group at 2013 NADA Convention Orlando in booth #915

New Variable Image Solutions

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Automotive Direct Mail | NY Automotive Marketing Agency

Premium Production, INC. Marketing Service

Pleasantville, NY (September 4th 2012) Premium Productions, Inc. Through it acquisition of Konica Digital Press C6000 can now produce variable image Automotive Direct Mail campaigns with individual variable images for each mailer.

The C6000 allows Automotive Marketing Service to provide large scale Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns where images within each mailer can vary. A mail piece to a 2006 Nissan Altima owner may show an image of a New 2012 Altima, while the owner of a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee will receive a mailer with an image of a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Fusion Pro software that is being utilized with the system will allow a database to direct a specific image to every record in a data file. The C6000 will then print the assigned image.

Mitch Krohnengold, President of Premium Productions, Inc. said “The possibilities are endless; our creative department is designing new Automotive Direct Mail pieces daily that take advantage of this technology. In the past the cost of variable imaging was cost prohibitive for most large volume purposes but advances in technology have made variable imaging much more affordable.”

New York Digital Advertising is a leader in the development of digital Automotive Advertising and deployment of innovative Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns for both the Retail and Automotive Marketing Service. Our expertise in quick turn around Car Dealer Marketing Campaigns that are proven with analytic to be highly effective continue to keep Automotive Advertising Agency ahead of the pack.